We was the first and only IVF Center in Mexico to perform 24 Chromosome Preimplantational Genetic Diagnostics by Comparative Genomic Hibridation, the most advanced technique in the world.  To reduce embryo damage, we take biopsies by laser on day three of development for transfer immediately after testing results are ready, or take the laser biopsy on day five (blastocyst stage) to be able to transfer on a following cycle, allowing for less medication stress in the patient.

We are currently one of the few fertility clinics in the world that utilize laser technology for Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis.

Our IVF lab staff performs all biopsies by means of laser, effectively reducing chemical exposure and membrane damage of the embryo, while extending the evolutionary stage at which biopsies may be taken. We take laser assisted biopsies from blastomeres on day 3 of embryo development or blastocyst stages, and analize and diagnose chromosomes  for anomalies and genetic disorders by FISH, PCR or the latest CGH technology. As a means of gender selection, PGD methodology is our choice because of its 100% reliability.

24 Chromosome Preimplantational Genetic Diagnostics by Comparative Genomic Hibridation (CGH) is the latest technology for identifying both chromosomic anormalities and genetic disorders present in an embryo. By analysing all 24 chromosomes instead of just a few that were available through the previous FISH or PCR technology, we have dramatically decreased the posibilities of failed implantation and pregnancy due to chromosomic factors while increasing the detection of potential congenital disorders that could be transmited to the offspring.