MD. Alejandro Castillo

Medical Director Gynaecologist and Specialist in Infertility

MD. Ángel Saucedo

Medical Gynaecologist and Specialist in Infertility

Biol. Pablo Lopez

IVF Lab Director

We firmly believe that the ability of our affiliated physicians to provide our patients with care and results that meet or exceed international standards in an ethical and professional manner should be the overriding criteria for inclusion in our Specialized Medical Network.

Our biologists have been trained by the main international figures in the specialty, and have achieved such refinement and technological avant-garde that their research work is now a worldwide reference, and they have generated advances that will allow, in the short and medium terms, to simplify and achieve pregnancies that today are considered impossible.

Our nursing staff has extensive specific experience in assisted reproductive patient care and bases its service on always providing them with warmth and comfort.

All the personnel that provide their services in Inmater, from the administrative to the medical profesionals, have as a priority to be of help and always provide warm and efficient attention.